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I tried so hard to help, and all it’s done is made things worse. Anyway, it doesn’t matter anymore, because I don’t want to play anymore. All it does is make you care too much. The more you care the more you have to lose.

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drarry - oneshot


drarry prompted by deankins

prompt: could you do harry being harry and saying something sassy to ron and hermione but they don’t find it funny then three tables across the gryffindor’s, they hear draco laugh?

SORRY THIS TOOK ME 500 YEARS TO WRITE. It’s Hogwarts 8th Year drarry AU with just a sprinkle of romione on the side. Also, I made it a lot longer than I thought I was going to make it and now I’m not actually sure if I like it because I want to put more depth (and lbr more fluff) in it, but that would require making it longer so…

I’m putting it out there as is for now because I don’t want the wait to go on forever. I might continue it on ffnet or something if you guys want it. ANYWAY HERE IT IS ACK


“I’m just saying that if elves had the same opportunities that we have, they could—“

“Oh my god, Hermione, you already told us this last night.”

“But were you listening, Ron?” Hermione asked, her hair whipping across Harry’s cheek as she turned to shoot daggers at the redhead across the Gryffindor table. “You tend to be an awful listener.”

“That’s not fair!” Ron insisted. “I listen to you.”

“Really? Name three times.”

“Guys, please,” Harry muttered, blowing Hermione’s brunettes strands away from his mouth. “Stop.”

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me: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
me: here read it
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me: this fic fucked me up so bad and i cried for hours
me: here read it
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I’ve gained 10 new followers in the past 24 hours wtf thank you friends and welcome

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my fave thing is when draco always teases harry like “you smell like a you’re still in middle school potter honestly get some new cologne”

and harry tries to get new cologne and malfoy scrunches his nose and shakes his head and says “that’s worse! did you steal that cologne from weasley ew”

and harrys like “im gonna smell so good fuck that guy” and steals a vial of amortentia out of the potions classroom and he rubs it all over himself

and everyone around him is asking what cologne he’s wearing and sniffing the heck out of him but harry walks straight up to malfoy and asks how he smells today

and he goes “you still smell exactly the same what is it”

and harry looks confused at first

and then


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Hi I wanted to thank you I just finished reading your fill for the 'sassy harry making draco laugh' prompt and I haven't laughed so hard in quite awhile I actually had to throw my mobile aside halfway through to get back under some semblance of control before continuing ^^ You're a really terrific writer and that fic was glorious and just thank you very much for that <3

omg I love you thank you so much for reading and reviewing (kinda??) I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH 

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”And this is Amortentia ,the most powerful love potion in the world. It’s rumored to smell differently to each person according to what attracts them. “

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yeah so I just stayed up all night (literally till 6am) reading my first drarry. now I’m looking for a second

Hey! You can peruse through my drarry rec tag if you want. I haven’t updated it in a while, but I think there are some good ones there somewhere. 

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harry potter + hogwarts subjects

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Casual reminder that this was something an ELEVEN YEAR OLD said.

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basically the same except i’m reading the fanfic instead of writing it (p.s your writing isn’t shitty)

my rl is mostly just a lot of “why are you doing that at 3AM”s and nobody understands btu you do ily ily ily this is why